By Tanvi Dodia

Google Analytics is a web analytics service offered by Google that tracks and reports website traffic. In simple words, google analytics is a free tracking service that helps you keep track of the traffic that drives your website daily.

After creating a website, it’s essential to know if you’re targeting the right audience or not to gain success with your website. This is where GA (Google Analytics) comes to play.

Google Analytics provides various integrations to analyze your online performance, including in-depth and detailed reports on your audience with their location, shared interests, age, etc., real-time statistics, session duration, and much more.


It is crucial to keep in mind that Google Analytics gives a complete overview of your online performance with an overflowing amount of information, implying that using and maintaining Googly Analytics can be difficult and complicated if one is just interested in a general overview.

Here are ten easy steps to use Google Analytics:

1. Creating a Google Analytics account.

2. After creating your account, sign in to your account.

3. After signing in, set up your account by filling in information through three mandatory steps.'

4. Once you’re done with signing up, you will be provided with a tracking ID.

5. The next step is to install your tracking code.

6. Add the tracking code to your website using your website builder. (This step depends upon the website builder you are using).

7. If you have an HTML website, then add the tracking ID before on each page and update it.

8. Set up your website goals and properties under the “Admin” option.

9. You can also set up your site search, which will help you drive more visitors.

10. Now you’re all good to go and can view your Google Analytics.