By Tanvi Dodia

Have you created your website and are wondering what now? Well, now it's time for you to make money off of your web presence. While you've poured your heart and soul into making a creditable website, why not monetize and get returns for your efforts. All this time you've worked for making money, now its time for your work to make you money. There are different ways to earn money through a website, as there is no single deliberate way to do so.

Here are five different ways to make money through your website.

1 Ads - These stand for small advertisements, typically using Google AdSense, which are shown on the sidebars of a website. Here's how they work: as you get traffic, some people will click those ads. When they do, you get a few cents or even a few dollars per click.

2 Sponsorships - If you've been on email lists for companies like Thrillist, you're probably familiar with sponsorships. Companies reach out to other people with an email list, and they ask to sponsor an email or buy a dedicated ad. All that means is that they get a chance to promote their products or services to someone else's email list.

3 Selling your goods and services - One of the most common means of earning money through websites is through selling goods online. While selling these products, sellers earn profit through profit margins, just like how they are sold.

4 Affiliate links - Another way a lot of businesses make money online is through affiliates. This depends upon the number of clicks on the affiliated links. Website owners get an affiliated commission on each click.

5 Selling online information products – one of the most efficient ways a website can make money is by selling something you create. Generally, these are information products, like a video course. Educational websites usually use this method.