By Tanvi Dodia

Are you planning on creating your own website? If you are contemplating whether your business should make an online presence or not, let us help you get a clear picture on the importance of having a website. Here are top 5 reasons why having a website becomes an absolute necessity in the modern business world.

1. Online presence: Reflecting a strong digital presence poses very essential in today’s highly competitive market. 30% customers would not consider a business that does not own a website. Having a website creates credibility for your company. A website delivers the quality of trust. People are searching for you online and through a web presence you can reach customers anywhere and everywhere.

2. Branding: Social media and websites are substantial marketing tools when used cognitively. Modern consumers consider not having a website as lack of professionalism and it poses as a negative barrier. Having a website is not only a cost-effective way of marketing your brand but also eliminates distance barriers. Relationship building being a vital part of building your brand, becomes more easily achievable through a website. Having a wide reach and not being left behind from the competitors stands crucial for any brand which can be skilfully avoided by having an online web presence.

3. Easy access: With just a few clicks, your potential customers can now get to know about your brand with the power of web presence. Websites increase your reach in both ways whether it is customers seeking for personal or product details of a brand or companies fetching for their potential customers. Having a website implies less efforts to be put on the side of customers which they endear. They can easily access a brand’s reviews, credentials, awards, past performance records etc just from a brand’s website which builds trust and also increases engagement. Nearly 63% customers use websites as a source of engagement.

4. Earning income: If you prospectively become successful in running a website, it can undoubtedly make a fair share of money for you. There are of course various ways and approaches through which a brand can obtain income from a website for example through selling your own goods and services, ad revenues, sponsorships, affiliated links, selling online information products etc. Besides just companies and brands, even individuals owning a website can earn passive as well as assertive/active income.

5. Reputation and Professionalism: Reputation for a company having an online presence is readily available information on the web like reviews. And in such situations having a good website plays the prime role. Creating a worthy goodwill is important for all companies whether its offline or online and thus having a website becomes a prominent necessity for the reputation of a brand. Your reputation is everywhere on the internet and your customers should feel highly of you therefore a company should hold accountability of having their own authentic website.

BOTTOM LINE: These are the top five reasons why one should have a website. A summary of all five above mentioned points is as follows:

1. Online presence: Having your own website creates creditability and trust among the customers.

2. Branding: A website helps to branch out and increase your reach with helps to build your brand.

3. Easy access: With a website, accessibility increases and becomes easy for both customers as well as companies.

4. Earning income: A website helps to make a fair income through various approaches.

5. Reputation and Professionalism: A website helps to create a great web presence and an authentic goodwill.